Officers Lincoln Society of Dayton

President:  Teena Baldrige The Lincoln Society of Dayton unveiled a bronze statue of 

Vice President:  Alex Villalva                        Abraham Lincoln on Saturday, September 17, 2016, at the

Secretary: Regina Payne, Past President    Old Court House in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

Treasurer:  Brian Montgomery                    

Founder-Emeritus:  Thomas C. Cecil             This statue was a gift to the community to honor the 157th 

Lincoln: Jim Crabtree anniversary of the speech Lincoln gave there on Saturday,

                                       September 17, 1859, against the expansion of slavery.

Board Members                                                                   

Glenn Costie, Past Vice President                          About the Sculptor

Edna Vanderkarr                                                   Mike Major, a nationally known sculptor from Urbana, Ohio, 

Samuel and Ulla Black former student at the Dayton Art Institute and graduate of 

Chuck Dickerson Pratt Institute, New York, created the Dayton Lincoln 

Steven Solomon                                                     Monument and has created a second Lincoln Monument 

          to be unveiled on the grounds of the Dayton VA Medical Center.